MFP Pigment Paste – Sunny Yellow

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1oz by weight, MFP pigment paste is a super concentrated resin colorant.

Please Note: Weight of each pigment varies depending on Color. It is 1oz by weight.

Must be mixed into epoxy or another medium of your choice (NOT WATER).

Paste does not work in Crystalac.

Can be used with glitter and Glowcain®️ glow powder.

Mix into the medium until desired color.

Please shake/mix well before use.

Do not store in extreme cold or heat as it will cause defects in products.

Keep products out of direct sunlight when storing.

If epoxy or medium is tacky after use this is do to using to much pigment paste or incorrectly mixing.

These products will stain clothing, silicone, and countertops as well as skin. Please wear appropriate attire and gloves.

Please follow all safety standards for epoxy when using this products.

Please note you need VERY little amount to achieve full coverage.

Caution we do not recommend the use of UV (flashlight) epoxy for paste. (maybe used as a skim coat)

MFP is not responsible or liable for damage caused from improperly using this products.

Keep all resin products away from children. Please keep children away from all resin based products in liquid form as it epoxy is harmful.

Any questions regarding use of this or Any MFP products feel free to email us.

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